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Here are our Top travel classics.

Sunshine Holidays in Spain

Spain is still the number one travel destination for visitors from the UK. From beaches to mountains, museums and medieval castles, Spain has something for everyone, with the sun, sea, food and wine that keep visitors coming back for more.

Island Holidays

In spots two and three are favourite island getaways, Majorca (the one and only) and Tenerife (perfect for a nature getaway). Followed closely by beautiful Crete, the largest of the Greek islands and central to Greek and European civilisation for nearly five thousand years.

Holidays in Europe

Crete aside, there are over a thousand Greek islands to discover and explore without even beginning to consider the treasures awaiting any traveller headed to mainland Greece. Whether it’s Corfu or Hyda, Athens or Thessaloniki, in Greece you will find the landscape, people and culture that have shaped Europe.

Holidays in Turkey, Egypt or Dubai

The bridge between Europe and the Middle East, Turkey continues to enthrall and fascinate visitors. Whether it be Istanbul’s bazaars, Mediterranean beaches or luxury ski resorts, Turkey has something for every traveller.
Situated further south, looking out over the Red Sea, is the perennially popular diving and beach resort destination Sharm el Sheikh. With year-round warm dry weather, it’s the perfect destination for anyone wanting to get into the water or just looking to relax on land.
Further east and getting more popular every year is Dubai. This exotic metropolis is known for its exclusive hotels and is the perfect destination for a luxury shopping holiday.

Holidays in the United States

While it really needs no introduction, you could spend your lifetime reading about the hidden secrets and adventures available across New York’s five boroughs. This city has more languages, cultures and food than the whole of Europe and an outsized reputation to match its starring role in modern popular culture.
From one city that doesn’t sleep to another, Las Vegas is the entertainment destination that everyone should visit once. It has indoor roller coasters and pyramids, casinos and shows for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for Celine Dion or an all-Elvis hip-hop dance troupe, you won’t be disappointed by America’s playground in the desert.


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